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Satellite Internet from Viasat's Exede is available for you! Contact Tas Electronics located in yorkville, ny

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Viasat Exede high speed internet now available in yorkville, ny

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Viasat Exede high speed internet now available in yorkville, ny

Exede available in yorkville, ny from Tas Electronics

Exede from Tas Electronics is the newest satellite internet provider for rural areas. Brought to you by ViaSat, the company in charge of WildBlue, Exede's services have yet to disappoint its growing customers' demands. Exede provides better quality HD movie streaming, picture downloads and web-browsing in general, as opposed to other providers. This winning mix of high speed optimized bandwidth and wireless technology has made it possible for even those in rural areas to get the connection they deserve.

Package Options

Our package options range based on what you need and what you can afford. For those of you that are new to the web and all its benefits, we offer the $49.99 package deal with 10GB. Those who go online for only the essentials--i.e., checking up on the news, sending e-mails and researching various subjects--will find much to love about this plan. And for an additional $30, you can get twice this capacity--15GB, to be exact--enabling the surfer to view more movies, send additional pics, and optimize one's online media experience. For those who spend much of their time on the computer, the 15GB plan is beyond ideal; this is the plan that will permit you to enjoy graphics heavy sites such as YouTube and Facebook. Topping off at $129.99 per month, the 25GB plan offers you the biggest and the best of what we have to deliver. This plan is designed for families who use the net all at once from multiple computers, or for those deeply immersed web surfers that deal with massive files. Our premium packages and plans provide you with guaranteed quality streaming and service you can trust.

Satellite Internet From Hughesnet

HughesNet, a satellite broadband choice hosted by Dish Network, hosts similar plans that come complete with a coterie of rules and regulations. Their cap is at 250MB per day so customers are not allowed the full advantages that Exede clients are when browsing the net. HughesNet is available in many remote areas of the country where other internet connections are not available.

Comcast Cable Internet, Time Warner Cable Internet, Cox Cable Internet

Geographical locations such as those of rural residents, simply cannot receive all of the internet's benefits by using cable--cable internet just doesn't work as far and wide as Exede. Thus they are faced with a great dilemma when trying to connect to the internet, much less surf the web without interruptions. Cable Internet is still the mode of choice for many as it is available in many areas.

FiOS & Fiber - Verizon and Google Kick In

Verizon FiOS has been around for a while - offering a fiber optic based internet connection. Google Fiber is a more recent addition to the fiber optic clan. Without the electrical resistance that traditional cable internet faces, fiber optic internet has the ability to provide much greater internet speeds and bandwidth. As with every new technology, it takes time for it to spread. Fiber optic internet is only available in select areas from both Google and Verizon.

Satellite Internet Technology

Launched in 2012, this new satellite is comprised of the newest technology available - and now it is available to you. With ViaSat's Exede, you get the best of both worlds: fast, solid internet and satellite reliability regardless of your location. Our competitors' low resolution Ku band bandwidth causes degradation during bad weather, whereas our high resolution Ka band communication satellites provide you with the speed and quality internet you deserve.

There is no longer a need for excuses from DSL, cable or dial-up providers now that Exede's high-tech satellite internet is available. Say sayonara to your old providers and get acquainted with Exede's impeccable internet service in yorkville, ny from Tas Electronics.